We deliver tunnelling and infrastructure solutions for some of Australia’s biggest road and motorway projects.

ARA Fire can partner with you from day one, delivering every aspect of the project through to ongoing maintenance for the life of the tunnel. As one of the few fire services companies with manufacturing facilities, we can fabricate pipes, deluge, stillages and fire doors to meet your requirements. We plan meticulously, innovate for increased efficiency and maintain safety as a top priority. Take your tunnelling project from start to finish with our fully-integrated, in-house service and product capability.


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Your ‘one-stop shop’ for tunnelling and infrastructure projects.

As part of the ARA Group, we offer a depth of in-house capability that is unparalleled in the industry. We offer an integrated network of services that enable us to deliver a complete project – from design and engineering through to procurement, fabrication, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

We can deliver every stage of your tunnelling project in-house, including:

  • Wet and Dry Fire Scopes, Gas Suppression, In-house Design and Fabrication of Sprinkler/Deluge Pipes, Stillages, Industrial Fire Doors, Vehicle Cross Passage Doors (VXP), Passive Firestopping material, GMS Pipework, Deluge Array Pipework and Manifolds – ARA Fire
  • Fire Electrics, Monitoring Equipment, Detection and Alarms, Pump Controllers, Wiring and Lighting, Through Cabling – ARA Electrical
  • Industrial Fire Doors, Vehicle Cross Passage Doors (VXP), Light Steel Fabrication – ARA Manufacture
  • Ventilation, Stairwell Pressurisation and Air Conditioning – ARA Mechanical


We are one of the few fire companies that offer the following services and products in-house:

Ready to partner with you at any stage of the project.

We offer our services and technical expertise for clients at any stage in the project lifecycle, including project recovery for distressed projects. Our team of resourceful and experienced technicians can resolve any challenges you may be facing. When it comes to problem-solving, we find a way to keep things moving. If something falls outside of our scope of expertise or capability, we will gladly assist you with anything from labour and procurement to specialist contractors. We can partner with anyone, at any time, to get the job done.

Safety is our priority: Every site, every time.

Safety is the foundation of everything we do at ARA Fire. This is especially important when working in challenging conditions, such as tunnels. Equipped with years of experience and expertise in the field, our team has a solid understanding of these environments and all safety requirements. In fact, the majority of our tunnelling team are First Aid Officers. We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to safety on the job and we take every measure to ensure that our team is safe at the end of the day, everyone goes home safe. 

ARA is committed to fostering safe and respectful working environments for the health and wellbeing of all ARA staff. We provide products and services that are compliant with Australian industry standards and safety requirements.

ARA Fire is committed to ARA’s Reconciliation Action Plan

ARA Fire is committed to the four vision and focus areas outlined in ARA’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for 2018-2020, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Business Inclusion, Sustainable Employment, Cultural Awareness and Community Partnerships.

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